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Improve your listening and speaking skills in 3 easy steps and some very helpful expressions to add to your oral

How to improve your oral? Comment améliorer votre orale?

1. Why is it necessary to improve oral and listening đŸŽ¶ 

Oral  is an important part of a language.
We spend lots of time in learning grammar but we don't focus on speaking. It is important to learn grammar and memorise vocabulary but  practice your French is also equally important. It gives you confidence and an ease of speaking with native people. Speaking in french is definitely a confident booster.

2. Is it a good option to live in a frencophonie country for learning fast?

Speaking is the most important step. That is why a person who lives in french speaking country,  becomes fluent quickly because he doesn't have any other option but to speak in french. He overcomes his fear of making mistakes and shyness. 

Here I am describing a very important technique to become perfect in speaking as well as in listening. It is a very effective technique. This is called Shadowing.

it's a technique of repetation as a simultaneous repetation. It will help you to work not only on your pronunciation, but also on the intonation.  In fact it consists repeating: it can be a song, a film or anything else. You need to repeat what you listen. It will improve your listening, pronunciation as well as intonation. Hence this technique will help you to do progress in oral. It will help you to learn new vocabulary and will help you to be comfortable in oral. Sentences that you listen, you repeat and you use them in oral with better intonation as a french native is the simplest techniques to improve your oral. However, it takes lots of time and efforts. Try this technique and see the positive result. There are different steps to do this. 

1. Listen
 listen to the podcast carefully,  choose short podcast and listen to it carefully. 

2. Repeat
Second step is to repeat each and every sentence. After every phrase, pause the video or audio and repeat what you have listened. If it is a video, make sure you do not turn subtitles on in first try. If you do not understand phrase, it does not metter. What matters, is only listen and try to repeat. It will improve your listening and pronunciation. But second time when you listen the same podcast, there are chances that you understand the meaning if you don't get the meaning you can see the subtitles and check the meaning of the word in dictionary.When you turn the subtitles on and  you  read the transcription, you will come to know the difference between the pronunciation and what is written as French is a language in which there is a huge difference in writing and then pronunciation. You will start reading French very well.  Moreover you will learn speaking while reading. Most of the time we don't pronounce last consonant. Using this technique you will learn what to pronounce and what not. Listening is the most important aspect in learning a language. 

3. Record
Last step is to record your voice this is not an important step but it is very helpful. We all have a mobile phone and in every phone there is a recorder, we can use that to record our voice and listen to it after recording to find out your mistakes and to see the intonation.  Find out the difference What you listened and what you pronounced. Believe me this is a very good technique. You can correct yourself because there is no teacher to correct you.

Some very important expressions 
Now here are some expressions that you can add to your oral to make it impressive:

To ask for opinion
1. Qu'est-ce que tu/vous en penses/pensez?
2. Tu en penses quoi?
3. Est-ce que tu trouves que c'est une bonne idée?
4. Tu trouves que c'est bien?

To give your opinion
1. Pour moi, ......
2. À mon avis, .....
Je crois/ pense que ......

To express a wish
1. J'aimerait bien + infinitive
J'aimerais bien aller Ă  la piscine.
2. Je voudrais + infinitive
Je voudrais faire un cours.
3. Ça me plairait d'aller en forĂȘt.

To express dissatisfaction

1. Je ne suis pas content du tout.
2. C'est indimissable.
3. Il ne faut pas exagĂ©rer quand mĂȘme.
4. Trop, c'est trop.
5. ça ne va pas du tout comme ça

To encourage someone
1. C'est une bonne idée, vas-y,
2. Fais un gesture.
3. Un peu de courage.

To express interest
1. C'est intéressant.
2. Je suis admiratif/admirative 
3. Ça m'intĂ©resse beaucoup
4. C'est super ça!
5. C'est vraiment formidable. 

 ask for a definition
1. Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?  or ça veut dire quoi?
2. Qu'est ce que ça signifie?
3. Que veut dire?

To express a difficulty 
1. J'ai du mal Ă ......
2. Je n'y arrive pas.
3. Ça me coute de.........
4. Pour moi, c'est difficile de......

Seeking advice for study
1. Quelles qualités sont importantes?
2. Quelles sont les compétences nécessaires?
3. Qu'est-ce que vous pourriez me conseiller comme Ă©cole?

To give advice regarding study
1. Vous pouvez commencer par....
2. Vous devriez suivre une formation dans les domaine de.....
3. Ça mĂ©tier demande des compĂ©tences en....

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